Future in IT field

It is well known affair that the recession came in the software field and lot of people lost their job due to that. But the latest news came in the news would have given hope in the mind of the computer graduates and the current students that the career opportunity for them will be broad for them.

Why should select the Software companies to work?

The development happened in the software department has changed to the good status nowadays that has made the software companies that the recruiting process will be higher in the next year with 70% increased in the total number. It is happy news for the computer graduates. The outsourcing field Also has developed as well as in the computer field said by the leading outsourcing company NASSCOM.

The quantity of employees to be recruited of top three outsourcing companies of India TCS, Infosys and Wipro is increased. So, the job opportunity for the current computer students and the graduates has increased.

It is expected that the importing rate of the software product of India to be increased to 57 billion American dollars within 2011. This import indicates the demand in the IT field and the same indicates that the situation of firing the employees of the IT department will be changed to the situation of recruiting the new employees for the same field. Many IT companies have started the campus interview culture for recruiting the employees directly from the colleges as before. This culture had given lot of confidence in the mind of the computer students before couple of years. The development in the IT field can be the root cause for the development of India totally. It is a proven truth. 2.3 million Indians are working in the Information Technology field presently. The reasons for the Indians to be in the IT field are, they are adjusting to work with small scale of salary, their fluency in English and their foreign collaborating skill.

What is happening in the IT companies?

The software companies, IT companies and the out sourcing companies are doing the following works most probably,

1.Answering the bank customers queries
2.Law and order activities
3.Engineering works
4.Producing the software products

NASSCOM has declared that they are planned to recruit more than one lakh and 50 thousands of new employees in the next year. This recruitment details can be get from the company web sites of the leading outsourcing companies.

Proof for the development in the IT field:

When we are hearing this good news, the curiosity may peep in our mind what is the reason for this development. The new projects got by the leading companies, the economical development of India. When the new projects are received in huge quantities, the quality policy and the policy of the companies can be changed. The changes will be like reducing the time gap between two projects. These reasons are clearly proving us that the IT companies are climbing the ladder again logically.

New IT park in Karnataka:

The Karnataka government has planned to build a big integrated IT park near the airport of Karnaaka. The construction works for the project has been started at the Veda nalli which is a place in Karnataka.

Industries to be built in the integrated park are,
Information Technology Company
Biotechnology industry
Automobile company
Pharmacy technology industry and
Cement Company

Bangalore has been the destination for the most of the graduates of all over India. There are reasons for that. They are,

Bangalore has been the capital for the Information Technology companies because there is lot of leading IT companies in Bangalore.
The next thing is the climate of Bangalore. It is hard to find people who don’t like the climate of Bangalore.
Bangalore is the city that has the huge number of IT companies in India.


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